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Jan 12, 2010 6:00pm EST
the coast of central america and on into south america in venezuela, too. that happened within the hour. and it is -- spots like st. lucia is around that ring of islands. unfortunately, very, very serious earthquake. for us, we are seeing a change in the pattern. it has been another icy day. there we are. our temperature, our high temperature today made it up once again. only up into the low 30s with a lot of ice around it. that ice is not safe. 35 degrees. 11 days in a row now below 40. tomorrow, we may finally break that string. look at the morning low temperatures. pensacola has gone 11 days with the temperature of 32 or lower.ó our current temperature is 33 degrees on the way down below freezing again. look at the morning low temperatures in florida. 43 in miami. 23 in jacksonville. and there were a few records. not as many as yesterday when they were over 90 spots with record low temperatures, but, again, it's still a cool pattern. but it is beginning to break. the windchills right now, making it feel like it's in the teens. there was another freeze warning out for florida. we sti
Jan 16, 2010 6:00pm EST
i was deployed was down to the latin america and caribbeans for continuing promise 2009, which is a u.s. southern command mission. that was this past summer. haiti was one of the countries they visited during that trip. >> we know haiti. we are very familiar with haiti. we are ready and able to provide the support our friends in haiti need. >> reporter: in baltimore, derrick ward, news4. >>> president oba has enlisted the help of two former presidents to help haiti quake survivors. george w. bush and bill clinton were in t rose garden today with president obama to talk about fund-raising efforts. all three men are urging americans to give. >> i join president obama in expressing my sympathy for the people of haiti. i commend the president for his swift and timely response to the disaster. >> it is still one of the most remarkable unique places i have ever been. they canscape their history and build a better future if we do our part. >> reporter: so much help is needed in haiti. the best thing you can do is make a donation. we have several links to several safeways to make donat
Jan 20, 2010 6:00pm EST
a clear message from america on several issues. >> they don't want this health care bill. it's pretty darn clear. >> reporter: president obama is urging lawmakers to focus on areas where they agree. >> there are a nber of different ways to do this. >> we heard, we will heed, we will move forward with their considerations in mind. but we will move forward. >> reporter: harry reid says they'll wait to vote on health care until brown is sworn in after republicans and the president warned against a big rush. >> you may have more votes than we do, but if you do it all by yourself, the public probably isn't going to buy it. >> reporter: nbc's latest poll seems to support that. a majority of americans oppose the president's health reform plan, calling it the most negative thing about his first year. but guess what. americans are not as concerned about health care as they are about other things, at least according to our nbc poll. health care ranked fourth among americans' concerns after jobs, terrorism, and the deficit. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts. >> thank you. >>> could be some win
Jan 2, 2010 6:00pm EST
for america. >> a top u.s. counterterrorism official warned today that al qaeda and others will continue to test u.s. dissents. a virginia teenager led police on a high-speed chase that ended in a deadly shootout. it started yesterday when officers tried to pull over ñr 18-year-old colby everett for taking a man's truck without his permission. police say he ranñr away then stole a deputy's car. virginia state police went after him. police say he taunted authorities through the police radio. >> y'all going to have to try to [ bleep ] kill me. you stalk my prey. >> the teenager crashed the police car, got out and started firing at officers and deputies. police fired back and killed him. all the officers involved in that shooting are on paid leave tonight. investigators are trying to figure out why the teenager started shooting in the first place. >>> a funeral was held today for the 11-year-old salisbury girl whose body was found christmas day. more than 3,000 volunteers spent three days searching for sarah haley foxwell. some of those volunteers were among the nearly thousand mourners a
Jan 3, 2010 6:00pm EST
workers tipped them off saying they saw the suspect's picture on "america's most wanted" accused of kills his twin sister, aunt and a young cousin. >> it was a huge relief to know that the monster's in the cage. >> it's been an added stress, having this policem manhunt goig on. my mom and daughter are on my mind all day long. i wake up in tears. >> the suspect's car, a key part of the manhunt was found in the hotel parking lot. >>> the desperate search for two sisters who have been missing for several days now. local police are worried about the young girl's safety. >>> and the unexpected eruption that sent tourists and residents running for cover. >>> and a costly discovery in some bananas on their way to store shelves. dan? >>> brett favre and the vikings, mr. melvin, riting the ship in a very big way against the giants. the georgetown hoyas looking for a road win. >>> and maryland coming up huge on the hardwood. news4 at 6:00 continues. >>> tonight, no sign of two young girls missing from prince george's county. both sisters 14 and 11 years old disappeared almost a week ago. the police
Jan 5, 2010 6:00pm EST
this cold encompassing much of north america. i'll join you in a few minutes. >> thank you, bob. >>> for the first time since he was fired as the redskins head coach, jim zorn spoke out today. >> we're still trying to figure out if we have a new coach yet. >> jim zorn is moving on. he knows that he will be a better head coach somewhere else because of his time with the redskins and he hopes that the organization has gained something from his tenure. today is the day where things get serious as far as contract talks. i am told mike shanahan discussed terms of a contract yesterday but things would get heated this afternoon. as of now, there is no deal completed. his agent joined him this morning at dan snyder's potomac home. the two-time super bowl-winning head coach showed up yesterday. he arrived around 3:00 at dulles. he was joined by his wife, peggy, and the two were taken by limousine to dan snyder's home where i'm told they did discuss terms of a contract into the evening. the parties expected to get into more serious talks this morning and this morning his agent flew into t
Jan 13, 2010 6:00pm EST
. >> we participated in the revolutionary war of the united states. we helped you guys. in latin america, we helped simon bolivar to liberate the boliviancountries. today we are seeking the same solidarity. >> reporter: raymond joseph says it's been non-stop meeting with the state department and ting to speak with haiti's president whose palatial home was levelled. >> in the palace, it has been hit that hard. just the flimsy, flimsy abode hanging on the heels around port-au-prince must be just like cardboard. >> reporter: the numbers of dead and injured are staggering given the level of catastrophe. it's not surprising to those who know the country well. >> port-au-prince was built for a population of 50,000. and today, in and around port-au-prince we have 2 million people. and a lot of them are living in flimsy abodes. >> members of the local haitian community are preparing for a candlelight vigil here at 7:30. they are coordinating with other members in the respective cities of chicago, new york, and boston. they will all hold candlelight vigils at 7:30 tonight. we're live at the haiti
Jan 17, 2010 6:00pm EST
're, america, greatest country in the world. if we can help, you know, then everybody will follow. >> reporter: it's encouraging to see this sort of support for haiti in these days initially after the earthquake. what authorities are hoping is that this sort of interest can be kept up because the job in haiti is far in done. in fact, it's just begun. haiti's yes, ma'am to the u.s. calls for a marshall plan for haiti. >> we have to stop the looting right away. not in the same way as before. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >>> the greater washington haiti relief committee organized the aids drive at the embassy today and the group will be among the responders of teams of doctors and other professionals headed to haiti in the coming days to get the donations to those that need them. >>> washington's party crashers hosting their own party in sin city, no less. >>> and back here, a rainy, dreary sunday. what's the work week look >>> maryland healthÑi officials put out an urgent warning for anyone who may have come into contact with a rabid cat. the health department says a cat living at the hard
Jan 4, 2010 6:00pm EST
in a florida keys motel on saturday. they received a tip from a motel owner who saw the story on america's most wanted and realized that merighe was staying in a hotel in a room right next to his taughters. he's accused of killing a 6-year-old girl in the shooting along with his aunt and twin zi sisters, one of woman was pregnant. >> a telescope has discovered five new planets. >> and some people in england went to a pub for a new year's party and were snowed in for three days. >>> the party has finally ended for new year's eve revellers who were stranded in a pub in a remote area of britain. about 30 people had gotten together for north york shire's tan hill to bring in the new year, but the nigh became what one partier called the ultimate lock-in. the guests ended up stranded for three days by is heavy snow seven feet deep in some places. it did not dampen their party spirit, though. the owner of the inn said everybody got along. they pitched in to cook and, of course, to draw pints. >> poor guys. >> good nutrition. >> i like how they pitched in. they were all willing to draw the pints. >> an
Jan 11, 2010 6:00pm EST
in restaurant meals and packaged foods by the year 2015. bloomberg is asking every food company in america to comply. so far, it's strictly voluntari voluntarily. major companies including kraft foods have already signed up. too much salt in the diet has shown to lead to heart disease and stroke. according to a study, young people are more stressed out than previous generations. the number of high school and college students wrestling with anxiety and other mental health issues is five times higher than students who were studied during the great depression era. they also discovered that more students are seeking mental health services than ever before. obsessions with physical appearance, status and wealth are putting extra pressures on today's young people. >> coming up tonight, authorities at the national zoo are hoping far new panda. >> it's so cold in florida that lizards are beithawed out with r driers. >> and bob is going to tell us about our temperatures. stay tuned. >> good evening. we started off pretty quietly, but now things are really heating up as far as delays are concerned a
Jan 27, 2010 6:00pm EST
on behalf of the republican party. and how our ideas will make a more prosperous america. >> reporter: mcdonald will attempt to avoid some mistakes of governors past who have asunled a similar role. last year, bobby ndal's performance was widely panned. in 2006, virginia's then new democratic governor tim kaine took some hits, too. >> there was some late-night comedic routines that made fun of him and that's what stuck with people. >> reporter: while it's impossible to match the backdrop of the u.s. capitol complete with a cheering congress, mcdonald will speak from the house of delegates floor. some 300 family, friends and guests will be there to watch. mcdonald is not known as a particularly rousing speaker, but he is a skilled communicator, something supporters say will serve him well. >> bob is a good communicator. i think he'll look the camera right in the eye. i think it will be a broad-based message. >> reporter: analysts reminds us what mcdonald says may be less important than how he says it. after the initial buzz, few remember the content of a state of the union response. >> the
Jan 28, 2010 6:00pm EST
of north america. meanwhile in the southern hemisphere, the heat has been on in australia. they're in the middle of summertime. you can see some summertime thunderstorms, parts of south africa. meanwhile, this is the big winter storm moving through across the heartland. that winter storm warning extends now into spots like memphis, tennessee, on into kentucky and also north carolina. that storm begins to move out of texas. watch as it moves into mississippi. they'll be getting an alabama rain. but on the north side by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, the snows spread through tennessee, kentucky and then head on into north carolina. the track itself, i still think it's going to be to our south. that means we'll be seeing the cold air continue to come in but we'll be really more on the edge and the fringe of that snow and a light, fluffy snow it will be for us right now in washington. you folks in pennsylvania may misst entirely. on the other hand, from about richmond south into spots like roanoke, it will be a heavy snow. if you're thinking about driving south, rethink it
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12